Larry/Megan dream

Turn the Hearts of the Fathers

Title: Turn the Hearts of the Fathers
Author: izhilzha
Written for: jlm110108, for the thewritersguild ficathon
Genre: Gen with a side of low-key het
Pairings: Larry/Megan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,928
Summary: A sign, perhaps. A thaw, the opposite of the freeze that has existed between herself and her father for the past several years. This is pretty light on the pairing, but I think it's a story my fellow fans here will enjoy. :)

Turn the Hearts of the Fathers
Larry/Megan dream

The Mansion of a Love

Title: The Mansion of a Love
Author: izhilzha
Pairing: Larry/Megan
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 300
Summary: Six months of dating and they still hadn't slept together. Not exactly a first-time fic...except that it is.
Notes: This is set not long before, or perhaps even sometime during, "Killer Chat."

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The first ever Numb3rs Big Bang is being held this year at numb3rs_bigbang!

Artist and author sign-ups begin on 01 February.
Art and story posting begins in July.

For more details on the challenge, please see their Welcome and Info Post and FAQ.

Please sign up so our lovely couple is represented. If I come up with a halfway decent plot by the time sign ups open, I might, but it would be lovely to see more Larry/Megan fic out there.
Batman: Gordon


This ship is not dead!

Title: First Meeting
Pairing/Characters: Special Agent Megan Reeves, Professor Charlie Eppes, Professor Larry Fleinhardt, Amita Ramanujan; None (yet)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,359
Spoilers: For Judgement Call
Summary: Megan meets Larry and his dæmon.
Notes/Warnings: Dæmon!AU. If you don't know what a dæmon is, go here. Expanding my dæmon!AU with a slight re-writing of Megan and Larry's first meeting. There will probably be more. Beta by umbralillium.
Larry/Megan dream

Fic: How Can One Keep Warm Alone?

Title: How Can One Keep Warm Alone?
Author: izhilzha
Genre: Het
Pairing: Larry/Megan (what else, right? *g*)
Setting: mid-fourth season (post-"Tabu")
Author's Notes: This is a direct sequel to my fic Out in the Cold, which you should probably read first (it's short, don't worry).

Summary: His mouth curves in that small understanding smile, but he doesn’t say anything, and she would turn and kiss him for that if she didn’t really want that hot chocolate.

How Can One Keep Warm Alone?