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White Tuberoses...

A Larry Fleinhardt/Megan Reeves Shipping Community

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White Tuberoses
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Hello! Welcome to White Tuberoses. This is a community for fans of Numb3rs to share their love of Larry and Megan as a couple. We welcome fiction, graphics, and icons, but if you'd like to squee over a lovely moment between the two, feel free to do so. *grin*

1. Please post all fiction and large graphics (that is, larger than an icon) behind a cut. If you'd like to post icons, please post up to three teasers and link to or cut the rest.

2. Posts should somehow include Larry/Megan. We're all for squeeing over Numb3rs, but please try and keep posts as on-topic as possible. There are a number of general discussion communities already in place,
and we'd prefer this one to be Larry/Megan-centric.

3. Fic postings should include title, author, rating, and any warnings that may apply (aside from the obvious -- het. We encourage smut!). Obviously, your story should include Larry/Megan as a pairing, but it doesn't mean it has to be the only one, or that they have to be exclusive, though please try to make it believable. In depth exploration of their 'friendship' still counts as a pairing.

Here's a template header for you to use. You don't have to provide all the information, just enough so that readers can decide if they want to read your stories or not. Note: Items in bold are required!

Pairing: Larry/Megan
Previous chapters:
Graphics: (size, and artist)

4. If you have a lot you'd like to share with us, that's fine; however, try to space out your posts or combine it all into one to avoid flooding friends-pages, etc. Don't want to get your fellow shippers mad at you, you know. *grin*

5. All posts of a mature nature (rated R or NC-17) MUST be friends-locked. I cannot stress this enough. I am assuming, when someone joins this community, they are aware that some of the posts will be adult in nature and will be prepared for whatever they may read or see. I don't want to get an email from an irate parent because their underage child stumbled across our little haven and saw something they weren't supposed to see just because they were curious. At this point in time, the community is, for the most part, open to the public. If we encounter problems, that may change, but, for now, this is how things are set up.

6. That's all! Have fun and enjoy the Larry/Megan goodness.

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask. spikedluv was kind enough to type up a "newbie guide" for people new to the Numb3rs fandom. It can be found here.

Please use the banner below (made by the wonderful umbralillium) to link to the community.

No one is profitting from running this community, this is purely for our own entertainment. Also, if we actually owned these characters, we'd be very rich (we aren't). All rights belong to CBS, Cheryl Hueton, Nick Falacci, and ScottFree.


The picture used for the link banner and community icon was found at NUMB3RS NEVER LIE and were made by the ever-fabulous umbralillium. The page banner and layout, however, were made by jestana. The mood theme was made by tja_rama.

If you wish to be affiliated with white_tuberoses, please comment to this post. Thank you!

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